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On Proximity
Imagine if ten worlds exploded in one mirrored space!

During a long lockdown period, the artistic work and meeting space GLOBE AROMA has used the opportunity to rethink, reorganise and transform its space. In the fall of 2021 Globe Aroma reopened its doors to artists in need of a workspace. More than 30 artists with newcomers backgrounds have been accommodated in the atelier experimenting together with values such as solidarity, respect and commoning (of space, materials and ideas).

The atelier functions as a vibrant place where artists from different cultural backgrounds and practices can meet and find a safer place to develop their work in close proximity to each other.

“On Proximity” is a celebration of the first year of the atelier. Globe Aroma provides the opportunity to 10 artists currently active in the atelier to collaborate and produce an exhibition celebrating proximity and reflecting together on their collective future.

The 10 artists participating are Egoo Dallas, Tengo “Tamila” Eminashvili, Erik Gonzales, Weew, Mirra Markhaeva, Sahra Abdikarin , Youssef Moukil, Deborah Ephrem, Fareed Aziz and Maria Muehombo

The selected group, led in a series of workshops, discussions and a summer residency will showcase both their individual work on different media and a collective piece called the “mirrored space”, reflecting on notions of a shared home and its effects on art creation. 

The exhibition is curated by two of the atelier artists, Fareed Aziz, architect and visual artist and Maria Muehombo, transdisciplinary artist and DJ.

The exhibition will open as part of the Brussels Gallery Weekend on the 8th of September in the house of Globe Aroma until 15 October 2022 where the atelier will open again for its everyday use.