Uzoma is a born artist. From a young age she loved listening to music and singing along, unfortunately it was not always easy for her to express her love for music. As her dreams of becoming an artist were being crushed, she decided to get into teaching and lost interest in making music. After the loss of her sister, she was drawn back to making music.

Uzoma met her husband at a young age and moved to the Netherlands. When arrived, Uzoma quietly learned to play the guitar on her own. She mainly sings in Igbo and English, but Yoruba and French as well, even though she isn’t fluent.

Music is for her a channel to express her feelings and to help others in difficult moments. Her goal is to keep people’s souls alive and help develop the community she grew up in, in particular developing the education of young girls.

Her ultimate message is to help others, because you don’t know how much they actually need it.