Geogian work weekIMG_4595

Work week with artists from Georgian community – a short review  (18th  – 22nd of April)

At Globe Aroma, we provide a number of artists with a working space, material, professionalisation opportunities (workshops) and networking. We aim to accompany them from the very first ideas and intuitions to the realisation of artistic projects via tailor-made trajectories.

In order to map ideas and needs for future – near and far away – artistic projects, we organised a first work week with part of the community of artists who use the atelier in Globe Aroma.

Since we host a quite extensive community of artists from Georgia we invited them all to brainstorm together, as they are already busy working as individuals but also in pairs or collectives.

On the first day we put on the table all the ideas and the days after, we met individually to dive into the next steps to make these ideas possible, from feedback about the content of the projects to pingpong-ing about possible support structures, working on artists communication and visibility (artwork photo shooting), brainstorming on potential parters

We are happy to announce that – after this week – Erekle Mgeladze and Ami (Mariam Ochigava) will be in residency in Globe Aroma rehearsals room to make their freshly born collective Liaison for queer Djs and musicians with a migration background grow.

Tamila and Tamara Mamulashvili will work on an audio-visual performance about queer love, taking as a starting point The Knight in the Panther’s Skin, an epic poem from Georgian medieval literature, and rereading it from a queer perspective. They will also have their working mobile station in Globe Aroma coworking space.

We also sat together with Egoo Dallas, RTF96 (Giorgi), SKYEXE (Tamta), Salomé Grdzelischvili, Pusseidon (David Mariamidze) & WE_218_ƎW to work together in the development of their individual art practices.

To end this work week and create informal connections between artists and Brussels cultural organisations, programmers from Europalia, Beursschouwburg and Decoratelier joined us for a dinner with traditional Georgian food and wine.

Menu of the diner

Khinkali with mushrooms and tarragon
Khinkali with fresh cheese
Chakhaphuli with beans, mushrooms and estragon
Pkhali with spinach and walnuts
Eggplant rolls with walnuts
Red wine ‘Artizani’ – Saperavi grape

Kindly prepared by Erekle & Stella.

A new work week will follow soon with other artists from the Globe Aroma community.

Stay tuned!