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Our rooms

You’ll find Globe Aroma in the centre of the city, at Moutstraat number 26. We are situated sheltered behind a large grey gate. A simple press of the bell takes you through a long corridor and small courtyard into a back building that once served as a factory that dyed jeans.

Our infrastructure has two floors:
On the ground floor is an open kitchen, internet space and meeting room (the soft zone) which are free to use by the Globe Aroma community. There is also a co-working space where we often organise workshops , co-creation projects or larger events, and at the back you will enter our rehearsal space for musicians and performing artists.

2.On the first floor, you will find artistic workplaces for artists with an individual art practice, a media lab, equipment room, offices and classrooms of our friendly organisation Terra Nova (who provide Dutch lessons to people who have no easy access to the regular education system).

Those who wish to use the spaces in Globe Aroma should follow the users’ manual. In addition to a general overview, there are also some specific guidelines or rules for each room.

The user manual is a work in progress. It will be continuously improved and updated as we use it, comments and criticisms are always welcome for its further

Room rentals

If you would like to rent our open co-working space or meeting room for public events, lectures, receptions, meetings or more: