The programming group creates a bridge between Globe Aroma community and the cultural sector.

A fixed group of about 10 members of the Globe Aroma community meets once a month to discuss cultural offers together. The group creates a monthly and multidisciplinary program tailored to the Globe Aroma community through brochures or smartphones to browse through the online calendars or videos available on the websites of cultural houses or on digital platforms. The group studies the work of other artists, their biographies, …

Throughout the year, the programming group is also in contact with various participants in the arts sector (programmer, communication or PR-manager of various cultural organizations, cultural mediators, guides) to expand their network and knowledge and exchange good practices during moments of programming or particular activities.

After the screening of the programs, everyone presents their choice and we discuss all the suggestions to refine the program and ensure a variety of programs. By doing so, we take into account a range of disciplines and ensure that performances are spread throughout the month. Sometimes a participant’s proposal is so compelling that the performance is included.

About Art For All

Art for All is aiming to introduce people from a newcomer background to the artistic offers that are being offered in Brussels. We visit several Brussels art venues and festivals every month, across all art forms (music, theater, visual arts,…).

  • Interested in joining us for an activity or want to be a part of the programming group? Send an email to

Art for All is supported by VGC with funds from Stedenfonds.