We are currently organizing about 5 to 6 activities per month and visiting different art houses and festivals all over Belgium. The range is always diversified in terms of artistic discipline, ethnicity, gender and age of the artist(s).

Before each activity, participants will meet at Globe Aroma and be welcomed by ambassadors (volunteers and members of the ART FOR ALL community).

The ambassadors supervise the activities and take care of the group, transportation, tickets, meeting with the artistic structure, … Globe Aroma hands the ambassadors an envelope containing the tickets, information about the event, a list of participants and, if necessary, transportation tickets.

The tickets for the activities are free of charge for the participants and we also provide money for drinks after the activity to talk about the whole experience, but also to create a bond between the participants who typically only see each other during the events.

About Art For All

Art for All is aiming to introduce people from a new-comer background to the artistic offers that are being offered in Brussels. We visit several Brussels art venues and festivals every month, across all art forms (music, theater, visual arts,…).

Art for All is supported by VGC with funds from Stedenfonds.