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Interested in getting to know Brussels, its cultural life and new people? Globe Aroma organizes different excursions every month for free (!). With the project ART FOR ALL we go to concerts, dances, theaters, watch films, expositions in groups and talk about it with a drink.

Every month we organize the Art For All Salon (usually on the first Monday of the month) where we present all the activities of the month. During the Salon you can register for free activities.

  • Interested in joining us on an activity (as AMBASSADEUR )? Send an email to

About Art for All

The ART FOR ALL (AFA) project focuses on cultural mediation and aims to introduce people with a newcomer background to the artistic offer, mainly in Brussels and Flanders.

ART FOR ALL’s community consists of people we meet through actors from the migration, integration, education and arts sectors as well as artists and creatives from our artistic workplace.

Through ART FOR ALL, Globe Aroma provides guidance through ambassadors, ticket sales (participation is free), the organization of the reception in the various cultural venues and focuses on creating a hybrid network where participants and those involved in the arts meet and exchange ideas.

We currently organize about 5 to 6 activities per month and visit different art venues and festivals in Belgium. The offer is always diversified in terms of artistic discipline, origin, gender and age of the artist(s).

Gradually and based on its experience, ART FOR ALL project is built around 3 different moments: the programming group, ART FOR ALL Salon and the activities (with ambassadors).

In recent years, ART FOR ALL (AFA) has proven to be a laboratory for communities (social network development and talent) and social skills building (through meetings and collective participation in collaborative activities). From this laboratory, participants develop a network and a set of skills that they can later use in their professional or social lives.

Through ART FOR ALL, we focus on cultural encounters and exchanges and familiarize a mixed group of interested culture enthusiasts with the Brussels art scene, its offerings, (unwritten) rules and payment and booking methods. In this way, we create a subjective mapping of the city.

Over the years, we have also developed evaluation moments for everyone involved in the ART FOR ALL project. To make them a constant and anchor them as highlights of the year, we have named them “Journée Olé” and “Apéro Olé” (a moment also open to the art sector). These two moments allow us to evaluate the project together and, at the same time, are a moment to honor our many ambassadors, the programming group and all the participants for their commitment to the project.

  • Interested in being a volunteer or being part of the programming group? send an email to

Art for All is supported by VGC with funds from Stedenfonds.