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In our ARTISTIC WORKPLACE, artists can work on building their art practice and are supported by the Globe Aroma team and partners at the Cosmos of Globe.

The artistic workplace functions in two speeds: the open co-workplace and the dedicated atelier.

There are 4 creation rooms available for the artists:

  1. The atelier is a room where people can work on their visual projects, designs, writing assignments, etc.
  2. Tools needed for audiovisual or new media projects are available in the media lab.
  3.  In the rehearsal room, both musicians and performers can get down to business. An abundant amount of musical instruments is available for musicians.
  4. The co-working space is easy to access and move-in ready. Movable dividers allow people to create nooks and crannies to work in peace.

On Thursday, Globe Aroma’s spaces are exclusively reserved for women and non-binary people.