Espace Fxmme offers female artists and art enthusiasts a safe(r) space to create arts, crafts and design together. As a continuously evolving group we are working on a solidarity environment where we share stories and artistic projects. 

Espace Fxmme is not a closed and fixed group, but an open platform that welcomes new members every week. Are you interested in exploring and discovering the arts and you have a newcomer’s background? Welcome!


  • When?
    Every Thursday.
  • Where?
    Globe Aroma, Moutstraat 26, 1000 Brussels.
  • What?
    All activities are open and free. Food and drinks are provided.
  • Who?
    For all women with newcomer’s background who share an interest in the arts, crafts and design.
  • How?
    Espace Fxmme always welcomes new women. If you’d like to get to know the project, feel free to contact Gaëlle Khalife (gaelle@globearoma.be or +32 470 78 42 23) or just pass by for a spontaneous visit.

You can choose to participate during the day (any time between 10am and 5pm), during the evening (from 5pm to 8pm), or even during the whole day. 

Espace Fxmme aims to create a community in which women feel safe to share experiences and explore artistic practices. All projects of Espace Fxmme focus on essential values such as hospitality, open dialogue, creativity, empowerment, belonging and safety.


Espace Fxmme Thursdays cover two rhythms:  

  • During the day we make space for individual creative practices and trajectories. From 10am to 5pm, women interested in the arts can visit Globe Aroma and work on personal projects and explore different mediums and techniques with materials that Globe Aroma provides. 
  • During the evenings we organise collective artistic projects and discussions. From 5pm to 8pm, we meet at Globe Aroma to spend time together, grab a bite to eat and, most importantly, participate in programmed workshops and sessions.

Some previous collective projects that have been worked on in the framework of Espace Fxmme are textile, wood making and design based. Check the project pages Talk with the Walls (Moving Walls, The Mural), and Getting Softer to have a better idea.