The last couple of months, Espace Fxmme, a group of womxn and non-binary people, meet every Thursday in Globe Aroma. The project TALK WITH THE WALLS, is developed as a reflection, design exercise and action on how the space best reflects our values (intersectionality, solidarity, participation, creativity, inclusion, care). How do we ensure each person walking into our (semi-)public infrastructure does not feel overpowered by “the noise” that prevents them from creating or simply be present? 

The project aims to establish a new platform for womxn/non-binary artists and creatives in a place dominated by masculine presence. It was launched by a design workshop (chapter 1) during which participants discussed, projected and designed what a safe space is/can be. It resulted in a modular and movable wall/furniture that multiplied and is under construction by the womxn and the Decoratelier craftsmen (Chapter 2). Here the emphasis was to go beyond the thought process of defining a safe space but to encourage, establish ownership by the action of building. A next step is to collectively activate those mobile walls, by using textiles, forms, drawings,..