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Stitch ‘n Bitch workshops are a slow intimate process of soft hospitality, co-creation, knowledge sharing and convivial networking (socialising) between the women of Womxn Space, new members, collaborators and audiences.

Womxn Space offers materials for embroidery and patchwork and is teaching the participants in a one to one level stitching techniques, while chatting, sharing stories or exchanging knowledge on textile art.

Sometimes the audience is asked to contribute to a specific creation and sometimes participants themselves can ask for creating something specific and take their creation with them after, or let it be finished by another participant in later times.

  • ESPACE FXMME – WOMXN SPACE, created shortly before the pandemic, is a time-based space taking place every Thursday within Globe Aroma. It is a platform for female/non-binary artists and creatives to create safer space in an environment previously dominated by a male presence.
  • GETTING SOFTER, is a series of workshops on different textile techniques that took place on the Thursday meetings of Womxn Space, aiming to create softer vessels of hospitality for the community of Globe Aroma.

With the support of Welzijnszorg