Espace Fxmme, created shortly before the pandemic, is a time-based space taking place every Thursday within Globe Aroma. It is a platform for female/non-binary artists and creatives to create safer space in an environment previously dominated by a male presence.

On June 11, Espace Fxmme goes to Rode Kruisopvangcentrum Alsemberg  to lead a workshop on various textile techniques.

This workshop is organized as a follow-up to the Getting Softer project.

  • Since November 2021, Espace Fxmme has been practicing weaving, embroidery and patchwork as a process of sharing skills, memories and stories of our bodies in diaspora/relocations. We are proud of how the process of weaving and embroidery can also create a strong sisterhood among us and make us feel like a community that can be welcoming and invited to share and learn. Since last year, the members of Espace Fxmme have hosted on several occasions and traveled to various places in and outside Belgium, sharing their needles and threads with others to sew sisterhood while exchanging stories and sharing the feeling of joy, healing together. and solidarity. In the process of co-creation, our small community is a gesture of transnational feminism that is a necessity in this world experiencing mass migration and globalization. Our stings are small but important in the fight against marginalizing, controlling or ignoring women and non-binary bodies.
  • The Extra Muros project aims to offer opportunities to women and single mothers who are interested in developing skills and connecting with different institutions and individuals that could create a dialogue that would eventually feed the fields of research, employment, education, training and culture.

    As opposed to Espace Fxmme, the program will mainly take place in the centers where the women reside (because attending sessions at Globe Aroma or outside the centers is not always an option).