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GETTING SOFTER, is a series of workshops on different textile techniques that took place every Thursday, aiming to create literally a softer space. Since April 2021, the group has been designing a series of patchwork curtains.

The series of patchwork curtains are used both in Globe Aroma, to create a softer and more fluid space, as well as in the public sphere and in art institutions, to host a safe and more intimate nomadic environment of exchange for women.

Six curtains have been created following different themes that were based on brainstorming sessions held by the community of Espace Fxmme. The themes that the women have talked about so far in their creations are: “nature, mountains, and animals”, “freedom”, “family and home”, “motherhood and childhood”, and “motherland and origins”.

Stitch ‘n Bitch workshops are part of GETTING SOFTER. Stitch ‘n Bitch workshops are a slow intimate process of soft hospitality, co-creation, knowledge sharing and convivial networking (socialising) between the women of Espace Fxmme, new members, collaborators and audiences.

Espace Fxmme presented Getting Softer in different cities through Stitch & Bitch workshops and exhibitions. Some of the places that hosted Getting Softer were: