In an attempt to approach the participation of newcomers in Belgium, the sociologists Marco Martiniello and Andrea Rea (2014) define this phenomenon as a ‘career’ rather than a linear process of ‘integration’ in a new environment, be it political, social, economic or culture. The building of a career indicates learning the target field’s practices and using the already acquired knowledge from old practices, mainly acquired from the home country. The accumulated knowledge is mobilised in the institutional frame of the target field. It is a continuous and multidirectional process of learning and progressing.   

The artistic scene in Brussels is connected to the ones in zones of crisis through the presence of artists from those zones in Brussels’ artistic and cultural structures. Artists and art workers in exile arrived in Belgium, continued to develop their practices in the new field, while keeping contact with their fellow artists in their countries of origin. 

Globe Aroma, in the frame of the festival Summer of Globe, seeks out some insights to the following questions: How can we (Brussels, Flanders, Belgium, Europe) support art production in hostile zones? And to what level art production from hostile zones is present in the European or Brussels art scene? How can this diversity of practices be accommodated in Brussels’ artistic (socially engaged) structures? 

Through the projection of selected works from crisis territories; dialogue among artists who are still in those territories and those who arrived in Belgium; and discussions with experts from the field of art; we are aiming to create a context to share knowledge and practices. For example, there are Syrian artists living in Belgium who still are involved, directly or indirectly, in artistic productions in Syria. Hulm, or Dream in Arabic, is the name of one theatre group that is active in Idlib, a constant war zone in Syria, is going to present their work and participate in the online discussion. As syria is one of many cases around the world, it is an opportunity to see how art is practised in different parts of the world.


We’re looking for artists who are developing their practice in hostile zones and who’d like to share with us thoughts about the topic: how to support and create a network of solidarity. 

If you know people for whom this topic might resonate, please do spread the word! On the fifth of July 2022 Globe Aroma is setting up a hybrid (online and offline) conversation format in which we meet, share and reflect together. We foresee a participation fee for artists from hostile zones.

For further information: Basel Adoum