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About the artworks and the artists working in the studio.

A person is influenced by the place and environment surrounding them. The narrower the confines of their environment, the weaker their desire and capability to live becomes. Their drive and passion diminish like a candle in a strong wind, vulnerable to being extinguished or destroyed at any moment. ‘At the bottom’ by artist Hamada Elkept reflects the lack of comfort and security, and the loss of the right to move freely experienced by people living under oppressive regimes or facing discrimination based on their color, origin, political, or religious beliefs.

With ‘At the bottom’, Hamada Elkept confronts the viewer with a group of people gathered together, forming a single, indistinguishable mass where individuals lose their privacy and identity. Irregular lines, trembling details and staring gazes convey a sense of precarity and of fear towards an uncertain future.

📸 At the bottom, 2024
200 x 80cm, acrylic on canvas

**  “At the bottom” (2024) is a work by Hamada Elkept.

In our ARTISTIC WORKPLACE, artists can work on building their art practice and are supported by the Globe Aroma team and partners at the Cosmos of Globe.