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Liaison is a collective of – and for – queer musicians with a newcomer background. Since May 2023, Liaison has been using the Globe Aroma rehearsal room as a working and meeting place.

Support their Growfunding campaign and make possible the creation of a rehearsal studio for queer migrant musicians and make the Brussels artistic scene more diverse and accessible.

“As a collective of queer musicians with a migration background who have – and continue to face numerous obstacles in both our personal and artistic journeys due to the significant stigma against migrants, to structural racism, and the absence of shelters for queer asylum seekers. As queer migrant artists, it’s necessary for us to have dedicated spaces where we can receive support and access to the necessary resources to foster our growth, be of help to others, and actively contribute to the enhancement of the local artistic scene. Unfortunately, in Brussels, there is currently no dedicated space for musicians like us.

With the support of Globe Aroma, we currently work in a studio where we meet and rehearse​. Nevertheless, with the current musical and sound equipment, we do not have the possibility to make our studio available to artists of other genres besides DJ’s and drummers. The demand is great, but our resources are limited. That’s why with your help we want to make it real and help more artists to develop their artistic work. In addition, having our own studio will help us increase quality and capacity. It will help us to expand our network of partner organizations and create long-term and fruitful partnerships and collaboration.

The project’s mission is to establish a new rehearsal studio and hub that caters specifically to the needs of queer migrant musicians who face multiple challenges in their artistic journey. We aim to create a safe and inclusive space that fosters artistic growth, collaboration, cultural exchange and knowledge transmission.”

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