Opening Ateliers

Globe Aroma is reopening its studios to the artists of our community with a new space to provide artists with the ideal working conditions. We now have an open-plan downstairs common work space as well as a rehearsal room, a meeting room and an internet space. On the first floor, there are workshops dedicated to visual, textile and digital artists.
Every Thursday, Globe Aroma will exclusively host Espace Fxmme and female and non-binary artists.


Every 3 months we launch a call for artists from our community and open to all disciplines. It concerns the rehearsal space and the workshop space on the first floor where everyone can create in their own space and independently. In order to organise the space and give everyone the opportunity to create, we would like you to send us some information. Based on this information, we will be able to define the use of these spaces to interested artists.

Open Call: September 2022.

  • If you want to have more information or if you are looking for a space to create, contact us!
    Via mail:
    Via sms or Whatsapp: Brecht: 0484 823 484 or Elli: 0489 378 481.