Globe Aroma wants to focus more and more sustainable on the flourishing of the artists active in its network. One of the ways to meet the need for space for artistic and creative development is to set up a residency programme.

Here and there in our city, we would like to set up Globe Aroma satellites: small-scale residency places where artists create new work for a few months, receive production support, develop a network and meet inspiring actors from the sector for mutual exchange (under the name of soft mentorship).

Since this summer we have started a collaboration with GC De Platoo. Three artists who are active with us can use a space/studio in the building of GC De Platoo, Globe Aroma supports the artists productively.

Tony Bland, Salimata Condé and Octavio Amos have set up a makers’ studio within the walls of Platoo, specifically focused on clothing and fashion. These three creators have a long background in fashion and design and can support each other in their practice, creative ideas and working method. Take a look at their artist profiles on our website to find out more about what they do.

The residency programme is mainly a space for creation, mutual exchange and experimental learning. In close dialogue with the residents, we look at whether or not there will be a small and informal tone moment, at the end of the residency (in collaboration with GC De Platoo). More about this later!