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On July 1, Art For All goes to Francis Doigts “N’appelez pas ça art brut.”

The ART ET MARGES MUSÉE takes you back into its reserves, bringing out works that taste had relegated to the back burner, serving up new discoveries on a rotating platter, and questioning the margins with artists from the contemporary scene who resolutely ask us the question of the limits of Art brut. Oops! Don’t call it Art brut, he said!

Francis Goidts, a ten-year-old boy who, in the 1960s, draws furiously on a corner of the family kitchen table.

The story takes place in 1962, in a bourgeois, conservative family in the Namur region.

Patriarchy, respectability, classical culture, moral order. A father who reigns as absolute master, a submissive mother, “a slave to the family’s angers” writes brother Bruno Goidts, and young Francis who passes on his traumas in drawings “of barbaric power”. A quasi-accusatory content considered as delirium. A family secret.

Fantastic bestiary, predatory birds with sharp beaks, dogs with sharp teeth ready to bite, viper tongues, tapeworms and lost characters, hair standing on end and in the eyes, distress vies with vengeance. Torment and desolation; an outlet created with the means of a schoolboy: lined notebook, gouache, pastels and colored pencils.

After this short period in childhood, Francis Goidts (1952-2014) never drew again, but his talent was expressed in literature.

These hundred or so disturbing drawings were saved by Bruno Goidts, who decided to bring them out of oblivion 60 years later.

We will meet with the group at Globe Aroma at 3:30 pm.

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