In 2018, the group of women that was working on Txt, Is not a Written Plain expressed the desire to proceed with the weekly meetings in the space of Globe Aroma, after the project with Hana Miletic ended. Hence Globe Aroma helped them with the start-up of their collective, providing a space once a week and trying to support them to any extent possible. The goal of Globe Aroma when it came to the Ladyvines project was to make it easy for women to find their way into the arts field and to give them a space to meet and spend time together. The group of Ladyvines consisted of women of different ages, backgrounds and interests.

Throughout 2018, women were organising activities together, such as singing and performing.
Several members of the Ladyvines participated in various performances such as Underneath which rivers flow by Jozef Wouters, Essaye Encore directed by Saida Manai and presented at KVS, and a voice performance during the award ceremony of the Liga voor de Mensenrechten