Txt, Is Not Written Plain (draft I) became an installation of felt cloths and poetic texts. On one hand, text became a substance during these workshops. In fact, that matter was put together by many hands, lapping and unravelling with tenderness and care. On the other hand, working with textiles gave the group time to think carefully. In addition, they reflected on its metaphorical significance in society.

With the support of Stien Buschgens and Liselore Vandeput and Kym Ward’s help.

Creative team * Amal Abdirahman, Mimouna Amri, Nadia Baykova, Salome Grdzelischvili, Chantal Gyselinx, Bouchra Lamsyeh, Soumaya Mahroug, Muna Muriidi, Shurouq Mussran, Françoise Nibagwire, Shilemeza Prins, Marie-Ange Sibi, Larisa Utesheva and Ifrah Yusuf.