Sandra Issa

Sandra Issa (Lebanon, 1984) studied visual arts in Lebanon and France. In her artistic work she expresses critical views on current events and society. Through drawings, paintings and installations, she examines the impact of mass media. She also makes performances (live painting) in the public space, based on the belief that art should be brought closer to the people.

Sandra on her work:
“In nature, reality seems simple and near. It consists of different shapes, colours, movements, sounds and smells that we physically perceive with our senses. The reality of the urban world in which the majority of the world’s population develops today is complex and diverse. There is the individual reality, which represents our private and daily lives. And also the reality of others, of the various communities we see but rarely come into contact with. Finally, there is the reality of the information transmitted by the mass media such as newspapers, TV, radio or the Internet.

The last is the basis of my work. My works are based on analysing information transmission through mass media, and the impact it has on the way I perceive things. I collect the different images or stories I find important in notebooks. I work this collection into projects about man and his behavior in our society. War and the different forms of combat, the mass media, publicity and their influence on society. By processing the information I collect and giving them a different interpretation, I express my own perception of these realities. This “work in progess” is presented in the form of drawings, paintings and installations.”