Habib Saher (born 1986 Iran, currently based in Brussels) works with a wide variety of materials and his investigation revolves around the thematic of time, death & temporality.  

His recent works are a reflection on the ever-changing nature of life where he combines technology and traditional sculpture to create works that capture the impermanence of life. Artworks which are not made to be preserved but to have a lifespan of their own, where there is a start and an end point. Creations that are not meant to be static, but rather to evolve over time. A journey that begins with the creation of the work and ends with its destruction. 

His works can be viewed as a challenge to the traditional notion of art where works are not meant to be viewed as a finished product, but rather as a process, as a reminder of the beauty of impermanence.

He has both a BA and MA in Sculpture from the Baku State Art University in Azerbaijan. He had both group and solo exhibitions in Iran at the Naghsh Gallery, Azerbaijan at the Artim Art Space, Yarat Contemporary Art Space, H.Aliyev Center, the Baki Gallery, Azerbaijan Museum of Fine Arts and in the United States at the Seed Corn Gallery in California.


05.05.2024 Open studio day