Brima Dondon began his musical career in 1994 as a singer in Guinée Conackry, his country of origin. He became known as a reggae artist. This is thanks to collaborations with the blind musicians of the group “Musical Flames,” from Sierra Leone. He was also part of the MOURAG movement (mouvement rasta de Guinée).

As 1 of the reggae pioneers in Guinea, he decides to move to Europe in 2003. He does this to promote his music there. He started “the melting band” with some local musicians, who each influenced his music thanks to their own background. This is how they eventually arrive at a sound that consists of a mixture of traditional and modern influences.

His songs are sung in multiple languages (Sousou, Malenke, Peul, French, English, …). They deal with social and cultural struggles, present in Africa, but certainly also relevant in Europe because of the questioning of capitalism in the modern West. His message is often of a warning nature, but mainly positive.

Brima Dondon and his Melting Band have created a loyal following in the Brussels area since 2012. In 2016, he released the album Objectif, a distinct and passionate of roots reggae masterpiece. In 2018, his song “Se La Fet” was released on Globe Aroma’s compilation “Se Lal Bum.