Globe Aroma hosted “Create Syria 2022: Discussion Series | Brussels Session” on Friday 21/10/2022.

Herbeluister het gesprek op onze soundcloud.

Within the fourth edition of the Create Syria: A Space to Explore Arts and Social Change Programme, Ettijahat – Independent Culture is organizing a series of talks around the theme of Socially Engaged Art in a (Dis)Connected World, with a focus on the experience of the Arab Region, specifically those working in the Arts and Culture sector, in adapting to/dealing with crises, especially in an age of displacement, and the need to share the lessons learned from this experience with other regions or parts of the world that are facing similar challenges.

The fourth edition of the programme is launched in partnership with Plymouth College of Art, Mozilla Festival and Counterpoints Arts (with other Beyond the Now partners).

  • Moderator: Abdullah Alkafri | Ettijahat – Independent Culture
  • Speakers:
    * Shalan Alhamwy | Musician
    * Eyas Almokdad | Filmmaker and Choreographer
    * Zeina Al Qahwaji | Cinematographer