Globe Aroma participates in a cultural platform on the theme of “sharing space” organized by RAB/BKO and CULTURAL COUNCIL CITY OF BRUSSELS.

Rising real estate prices make it more difficult to find suitable workplaces. The spatial pressure on the city is sky-high. It is high time to look differently at space with our artistic and socio-cultural glasses : public space, semi-public space (our own institutions), but also mental space that we can share differently and more correctly.

This day, we will pay attention to some good practices in Brussels. Indeed, many organizations that do have a building are happy to open their doors to others. Some do so for ecological reasons, to use their building even when their own activities are not taking place. Others find it enriching on a human level to work with external organizations, as it allows them to reach other audiences. And what about public space, specifically in the North Quarter ? How can it be made more inclusive ?

  • When ? Monday 16 October 2023
  • Where ? Sports and Cultural Center North Pole, Antwerpsesteenweg 208, 1000 Brussels
  • Free entrance