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Phase 1:

In 2022, Globe Aroma will celebrate its 20th anniversary. To celebrate, we are joining forces with BNA-BBOT asbl, a Brussels-based organisation that develops socially artistic sound projects with city dwellers and sound artists, and we are getting to work with audio. In all its forms. Over the years, many artists have been active within our walls, resulting in some 1,000 works of art. As these works will soon go out into the wider world, we would like to first capture and preserve the stories behind them and their creation. And so from October 2021, we will launch a participatory audio project. Audio, co-creation, participation and the people who visit Globe Aroma are central to this.
That the end result will be audio is certain. Exactly what form it will take: the choice is yours! We are looking for people who want to step into this project with us. Are you an artist who wants to tell his or her story? Do you like the idea of making recordings and editing audio? Or do you think I could do both? Everyone is welcome! We provide (technical) training and guide you every step of the way.

WHAT: Workshops on audio and storytelling.
WHEN: On Wednesdays from 6pm.

October: 27/10
November: 10/11, 24/11
December: 8/12, 22/12
WHERE: Globe Aroma.

Phase 2:

Over the past three months, artists and creatives from our community have gathered around Traces for the Future‘, a participatory audio project as the final iteration of ‘Learning to say goodbye’ trajectory.

Traces for the Future‘ is a project by and for artists and creatives that seeks to explore and make visible everyone’s artistic practices, as well as the workings of Globe Aroma through the community itself.

Together with BNA-BBOT, they explored different aspects of an audio project, both technically and in terms of content, ultimately focusing on a radio show as the first step for broadcast and experimentation.

On 21 December at 4pm, the radio show (frequency: 105.4) will be broadcast live on Radio Panik from Globe Aroma.

For 1 hour, various artists and creatives will share their thoughts, political opinions, exchanges, readings, poetry and music. This broadcast is also an opportunity for our musicians and spoken word artists to showcase their work in these difficult times for musical events.

Radio Globe Aroma #session 1
Presenter: Shilemeza Prins
Technical engineer: Ifrah Yusuf
Dj: Ludovic ‘Moune’ Ramamonjy
Interviewees: Gueladio Ba, Da Flow, Nail Sumbul, Kaspy Ndia, Uzoma Hansen, Barry Ahmed Talib, Pierre Delagrange, Baminla Timothy Lambony, Youssef Moukil et Jonathan Eliseu Sapiyossi.

Contact: and

In collaboration with BNA-BBOT an supported by HERA.