Three artists – Sergio Belo Fanck, Salomé Grdzelischvili and Barry Ahmad Talib – who are active in Globe Aroma organize an Easter camp in the first week of the Easter holidays. From 6 April to 10 April, they will work with the children on an art project, each artist from his or her own discipline.

Workshop: Baob’Art (7-12 years)

Barry Ahmad Talib creates a Baobab tree with you. With wood and carpet you will work together to create one of the largest trees in the world. Barry will also teach you how to print t-shirts.

Workshop: Coloured World (7-12 years)

Salomé Grdzelischvili takes you into the world of natural wool. Together with her you prepare the wool for felting and create all kinds of accessories for clothing.

Workshop: Dancing Bodies (12-16 years)

Belo Franck brings you into the world of different dances from Angola, Togo and Benin. Together you will learn how to better connect mind and body through movement. By following the rhythms you will discover new movements and expressions.


Each workshop has a limit of 7 registrations!

Children from 7 to 12 years old can register for the workshop ‘Baob’Art’ or ‘Coloured World’.

Children from 12 to 16 years old can register for the workshop ‘Dancing Bodies’.

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Barry Ahmed Talib is from Guinea. He is a visual artist at Decoratelier and Globe Aroma and works with Josef Wouters on art projects. He mainly works with wood from which he makes decorative trees. The leaves of the trees are made of carpet. He mainly gives the leaves different colours so that his trees radiate a warm feeling. He also draws to express himself. Everything he does is natural. He never really learned to draw but art is firmly in his hands. On a t-shirt he edited his drawing of the Klein Kasteeltje, that’s how he got to Globe Aroma. Among other things, he also drew the logo of the Easter Camp.



Salomé Grdzelischvili is an artist from Georgia. There she worked in a school and taught both children and adults to make carpets, tapestries and other products with wool. She spent the rest of her time in her own studio. Salomé finds it important to involve and stimulate everyone who participates in her workshops as much as possible: what do you like to make, what inspires you?



Sergio Belo Fanck began his dancing career as a choreographer for various music groups in his native Angola. From making video clips, his work evolved into live performances for the same groups and he learned the trade as an autodidact. In Belgium he continues his development by participating in initiatives such as ‘out of the toolbox’ organized by Danspunt. Besides being a dancer, Belo Fanck is also active as a musician and model.