Hi5! wijkfeest Papenvest

Hi5! is a low-threshold, artistic festival on the 5 blocks, in the Pentagon of Brussels

Hi5! wants to reach all residents of the Papenvest and the newcomers from Globe Aroma. With the chosen title, we also hope to excite young people, who are harder to reach (according to conversations with the organizations in the area).

Between the 5 large social housing blocks is a lot of open space, which the residents make little use of. By organizing a cultural and artistic event in that public space on a regular basis, we encourage encounters between residents and reduce the threshold to artistic offerings.

Samen met de bewoners wordt op termijn een plek gecreëerd tussen de 5 blokken, die geïdentificeerd wordt met Hi5!. Een soort Baobab-gevoel in de wijk, zoals in Afrika waar mensen uit een dorp regelmatig samen komen onder de baobab-boom om naar muziek te luisteren, te dansen of naar verhalen te luisteren.

A place will eventually be created together with the residents between the 5 blocks, which will be identified with Hi5! A kind of Baobab feeling in the neighborhood, like in Africa where people from a village meet regularly under the baobab tree to listen to music, dance or listen to stories.

Together with the partners, residents themselves are called upon to apply for a next edition of Hi5!: a demonstration by the young people from the boxing club, the children taking music lessons, a local hip hop -band, a dance group of Bulgarian women from the neighborhood,…