Gentle Figures | Beautiful Friends

Since 2018, visual artists active in Globe Aroma’s studio meet monthly with a group of Illustration students from LUCA School of Arts Campus Ghent. The aim of this meeting: to draw each other’s portraits and at the same time experiment with various printing and drawing techniques.

The students and the artists seek each other out in the studios of the school and Globe Aroma. During these meetings the participants get to know each other while drawing. Dozens of intriguing portraits are the result of these meetings. Under the title Gentle Figures | Beautiful Friends, a publication with the drawings will appear in March. In the S.M.A.K. Beweegt Paviljoen the project Gentle Figures | Beautiful Friends runs from February 8, 2020 to May 3, 2020.

In collaboration with LUCA School of Arts Ghent and S.M.A.K.