CAPSAICIN is how you feel when you eat spicy peppers. Not seen and smelled, but extremely feelable. It burns, it stings, it itches and cries through your body. A feeling that doesn’t seem to go away, the same way memories and desires keep ripping your mind to shreds.

In the performance CAPSAICIN, a group of people frantically try to find a new starting point. Looking for a thoughtful way to crack a structure and reboot a system. They want to plant a virus in our minds, slowly growing and flourishing, with the effect of the worst pepper ever.

CAPSAICIN is a storm of images, an inspired tale of building and rebuilding, of destruction and ruin, on the breaking point between myth and reality. A mysteriously absurd performance by Globe Aroma with about twenty actors. In seven languages.

Michiel Soete lives in Brussels and is a freelance theater producer with Theater Antigone, Laika and TransfoCollect, among others. He created several theater performances together with Marlies Jacques. For this performance, he works with newcomers in Brussels around their burning desires that cannot be stopped by helplessness, anger or fear.

CAPSAICIN is a production by Globe Aroma in collaboration with the Kaaitheater and is part of a long-term cooperation.