on the go

To all the musicians in our network:

Our friends at Beursschouwburg asked us if we might know a musician or band who would be interested in their music walks project ‘on the go’. What is a music walk? They explain it like this:

During the lockdown, I tried to take a walk every day somewhere in the city or in a park. I listened to podcasts or music and the idea to ask Brussels musicians to create a soundtrack for a specific route came to mind.

You are one of the people I want to involve in this if you are interested in participating.

So the plan is to make a soundtrack (between 30 and 40 minutes) for an area, a route in Brussels. This can be around your neighborhood or a place that is meaningful to you. The “sound” can be music, your own tracks or someone else’s, spoken word, poetry, field recordings, a political message,….

Beursschouwburg will include the soundtracks on their website so people can stream it and walk around. For those who don’t have a smartphone, Beursschouwburg will hand out mp3 players. They started doing this a few weeks ago and will continue until next summer.

They will also include a map for the itinerary and some further instructions on how to do the hike.

The other musicians who have already said yes:

(SAGAT, Carrageenan, Mika Oki, Le Motel, SKYH1, Cheb Runner, Ben Bertrand, Susobrino, Fatoosan, Naomi Klaus, Vieze Meisje, MIMI, BRYN, épong, Vica Pacheco, Farida Amadou, MCCloud, Jordi Grognard, Pak Yan Lau, Femke Fredrix, Rick Shiver&Reymour, Ugne & Maria, Rebel Up! ). For example: One does the Chinese Pavilion, the other the ponds (forêt de Soignes), then marché du Midi to Bourse,….

Here you can discover all other musical walks.

Als je geïnteresseerd bent in het maken van een music walk, stuur dan je idee als geschreven tekst, video of opname naar If you are interested in creating a music walk, please send your idea as written text, video or recording to brecht@globearoma.be . Your proposal should consist of an artistic concept, a place in Brussels where you would like to do a walk. Give a reason why you want to do this in this specific place. Finally, make a list of practical requirements you have to make the recording you were thinking of.

Withdrawal must be completed by 29/01/2021.