Essential support for a loving community

2020 was a difficult year for many of us, and that is also the case for the Globe Aroma community. Many of the artists, art lovers and creatives in the Globe Aroma network face intense financial consequences of Covid-19 tearing through our society. Money-making activities were suspended, work opportunities missed and many people find themselves falling between the cracks of the social support structures.

The urgency of this situation forces Globe Aroma to step out of its artistic comfort zone and  connect people in a solidary financial way. We want to connect receivers – people in need of financial support – with givers – people who have some money to spare – with each other. To do that, we are collaborating with SOS Relief to adapt their existing peer-to-peer solidarity tool for the Globe Aroma community. Thanks to this system, a giver who wants to donate to a member of the community, can do so directly to a receiver. Globe Aroma will pair them together. In other words: you do not support financially Globe Aroma as an organisation, but you support a person in need from our community. Globe Aroma is only creating the connection between these people, between the giver and receiver.

The Urgent Embrace platform is only available for a limited amount of time, so don’t hesitate. The people who can apply for support have to be part of our network of artists, creatives and art lovers. If you need financial help but you’re not part of our community, please reach out to the good people of SOS Relief here. If you feel unsure about what it means to be part of this community, please contact us at embrace@globearoma.be to look at your case together.

To receive financial support via our platform, please fill in the form. Besides the practical information (name, IBAN, etc), please add a small motivation on why you need financial support. This will not impact your chances of receiving money, it will only be shared anonymously. If you need support to fill in the application, feel free to contact us. This platform is about urgent financial needs, not about finding funds for artistic projects. You can only receive once. Although we prefer to organise the support by bank transfers, you don’t have to have a bank account. An alternative system is available, please ask us more info.

To give financial support, please fill in this form, we will pair you up with a receiver. Please understand that you will only get the information that you need to transfer your gift. The platform that we have set up is based on trust and solidarity. We do not disclose the motivation of the receiver’s application, nor the way this person is active within our network. You can give as many times as you want.

The success of this tool is based on trust: ‘people need money – no questions asked’.

Givers and receivers will know eachothers names. Any other information will only be divulged if both parties express an explicit wish for us to do so.

If you have questions or you want to find out more about this action, please contact us through embrace@globearoma.be.

We hope we can create a new way of togetherness, solidarity and financial survival.

Love from Globe Aroma