Yesterday (30/11) Globe Aroma hosted “Kitchen. Table”, a performative diner by Samah Hijawi performed on the occasion of the EVPA Impact Week 2022.

👉 Kitchen. Table. is a research on the histories of food making, and the movement of food practices over time and across geographies. By tracing singular ingredients or a recipe, the project reframes the foods on our table today, by thinking of migration and the body as an archive of food memory in Embodied Choreographies of Food, the spiritual and celestial stories that accompany food in Holy Cow and the Pomegranate, and in Ode to Asparagus that digs into the movement of foods through the ancient recipes that circulated around the Mediterranean. This project materialises in drawings and collages, photographs and performances with food.
  • Cooks: Samah Hijawi, Anna Housiada & Shorena Noniashvili.
  • Technicians: Hisham, Abdel & Brecht
  • Production: Tiziana
  • Curated by Simone Basani