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غربة – (arab.) – ghurba – alienation
ᠭᠦᠷᠪᠠᠨ – (buryat) – ghurba – three

An exhibition by Mirra Markhaeva and Fareed Aziz by Zinnema.

In spring, Miya Aronson, who works at Zinnema, spent some time at Globe Aroma. After a few conversations, Miya, invited Mirra and Farred for a shared exhibition at Zinnema: ‘GHURBA’.

Mirra Markhaeva and Fareed Aziz are two artists using the artistic workplace. Both have a personal art practice and collaborated on GHURBA.


Two strangers arrived in this country several years after each other. They have seen parts of the world that have left a mark on their imaginary world views. They first met at a meeting for a common exhibition, a month and a few days before the day of the exhibition. before the day of the exhibition. They wanted to know more about each other. To get closer. And then they realised they needed to go back to their roots, their mother tongue. Masks off.

Some identities are glorified, some are ignored, some are hated. Some are brought into the spotlight, parading in the light of social affirmation, others hide in the shadows, in conflict or not even aware of their own existence. They are isolated, banished from the norm and thus alienated, labelled, stigmatised…: GHURBA.

For a month, Mirra and Fareed worked together while only speaking to each other in their own mother tongue: in Arabic and in Buryat. In this exhibition, you will see the result of this process, where the artists invite you to come closer. Get closer to collections of old and new memories they created together. Discover how two people can build a beneficial relationship, a new language and an interpersonal subculture by communicating through art.

This is an attempt to achieve a radical level of community building, not just through words but through actions. We look at community through the prism of identity, which we unravel into three interconnected aspects: physical, psychological and social. A deep dive to discover each other’s story, find common ground, celebrate difference and welcome the incomprehensible.


“They are not evil birds. They are just trying to find their way and doing as well as they can. Can we give crows a chance? Don’t you think crows are victims of misrepresentation and superstition? Do they symbolise death or are they just birds?…. Let’s think about it and leave them alone.”

  • Vernissage 23 June 2022 / From 6pm to 9pm with performance at 8pm by Issouf
  • To be visited from June 23 to September 5, 2022 during opening hours 9:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Closed during Zinnema’s summer closure (24 July to 7 August), and on public holidays.