Writing workshop with Luce Goutelle

#creative writing #poetry #multilingual #futurology

This poetic writing workshop guided by researcher and transdisciplinary artist Luce Goutelle invites you to come and trace the paths of desirable futures, to take back into your own hands the narratives of our future. It is a space for sharing and experimentation where we gather our forces to write the world we want to see, where we allow ourselves to dream together. This episode is an introduction to a new series of workshops carried out as part of the “Writing for the Future” project. “. Our dreams have been colonised by apocalyptic visions and largely sustained by the buzz of the media. Technocratic language, economic injunctions and the spectre of war have invaded
our lives as well as our conversations. To no longer suffer but to write, to imagine a new paradigm of society, to open the doors to new horizons are more than ever essential activities.
As the writer Felwine Sarr so aptly puts it, “The future happens because we think about it in the present. We project it into an imaginary world, into our thoughts and we act to make it happen. You have to have a vision. You have to have a vision of where you want to go. You have to have a vision of what kind of society you want to put in place to make it happen.
Venue: Globe aroma, Rue de la Braie 26, 1000 Brussels
Date: Wednesday 31 May 2023 from 18:30 to 21:30

Conditions for participants:
Free of charge, free entry.
No prior knowledge or practice of writing is expected, only curiosity and open-mindedness are welcome. Exchanges will take place within an anti-racist, feminist, decolonial, ecological and intersectional framework. This writing
This writing workshop is part of a multi-episode series that usually takes place on Wednesday evenings, feel free to follow one episode, several or the whole series!

Languages: The workshop is conducted in French and English, however each participant is invited to write in the language of their choice (French, English, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Lingala, Spanish, Swahili, Flemish,
Farsi, etc.)

Publishing project:
This series of poetry writing workshops will result in the publication of a multilingual poetry collection (end 2023).

Production, support & partners: A production of Looops asbl with the support of the Fédération
Wallonie-Bruxelles, Globe aroma and The Kitchen. We would also like to thank Lagrange Points for its support
the beginnings of this project.