From March 4th to 8th, we invite artists from our artistic workplace to participate in a workweek dedicated to performative and theater practices.

As a highlight of the week, we invite you on Friday March 8th to participate in several collective moments including Trying things out, a unique opportunity for the artists to showcase their work, receive constructive feedback, and engage with a broader audience, enriching the creative dialogue within our community:

  • NASTASYA KHARYTONOVA explores pain through an autobiographical text fragment.
  • EGOO DALLAS is developing a docu-performance about the murder of three trans women in Georgia.
  • TAMILA transforms into a butterfly. A transformation that draws parallels for Tamila between a Georgian myth and queerness in family and society.
  • REMI SARMINI provides a glimpse into his multilingual theater piece about forbidden relationships in a context of war.

All the projects are all still in early stages!! During the try-outs on Friday, you may see very short test fragments of the final performances. Everyone is actively experimenting! Your presence and feedback are invaluable as we collectively navigate the boundless territories of imagination and experimentation.


  • 11am: A brunch during which the artists will pitch their projects (registration → info@globearoma.be / or whatsapp: +32 496 10 86 57 * everybody welcome * Free)
  • 3pm-4:30pmTrying things out (Part 1 * without registration * everybody welcome * Free)
  • 4:30pm: Festive Opening Recently Renovated Rehearsal space (without registration * everybody welcome * Free)
  • 5pm-6pmTrying things out (Part 2 * without registration * everybody welcome * Free)
  • 6pm: Drink (without registration * everybody welcome * Free)
  • 8pmConcert : Sarah Zeryab & 5amaseen (i.c.w. Tashattot Collectivewithout registration * everybody welcome * Free)
    • 5amaseen [xæmæsiːn]: Egy. Arabic, dusty, heavy winds which arrive in spring. Inspired by bass and club music, 5amaseen forges his sound between pounding kicks, quick percussive syncopated patterns, distorted breaks, with a touch of noise/glitch. In addition to some heavily distorted guitar riffs and odd time signatures, he is inspired by the sonic identity of his birthplace, especially from mahraganat to folkloric music of Upper Egypt and beyond.
    • Sarah Zeryab is a Palestinian artist and filmmaker whose work spans various forms of media, with a focus on video art and performance. Her practice revolves around narrating and re-narrating the affective and aesthetic materializations of loss, statelessness, resistance, and exile. Sarah’s drive to share music, sonic pieces, and lyrics aims to evoke imagery for listeners, reflecting the themes of her artistic practice.
      Lyrical Femme – Sarah Zeryab – 07 Feb 2024
      Live Session — Sarah Zeryab
      Lyrical Femme – Sarah Zeryab & Lama El Khatib – 14 Dec 2023

LANGUAGE: this event will be in EN, FR, NL & AR. Translation on the spot can be foreseen via online translation apps.