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Art Affairs – Need help with the final steps of your funding application?

This workshop, offered by Anaku, targets artists or cultural workers who are in the middle of their submission process for the project subsidy to the Arts Decree of the Flemish region on September 15th. Our workshop aims to provide valuable insights on points of interests, do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks. We will also offer feedback on specific cases and answer any questions that participants may have.

In addition, the workshop is designed to be interactive, allowing participants to work in groups and provide each other with peer-to-peer feedback while learning from one another. We will also offer a brief strolling session for participants to discuss their doubts, fears, and obstacles during the file writing and partner search process.

AnAku is a development and management platform that focuses on individual artists and collectives within the arts and also cultivates an approach that is interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral. We have been giving workshops to artists (in group or individually) on specific themes and have been aiding them with the submission of grant applications. Aside from supporting artists and creatives, we also offer a range of short & long term workshops and/or coaching sessions to organizations.

Registration for the workshop is free and can be done via this link.

The TheaterFestival

For ten days in 2023, Het TheaterFestival once again turns the spotlight on the unique Flemish theatre landscape in its full glory.

Het TheaterFestival is a warm place where audiences and professionals can enjoy interesting theatre events and the conversations about them. But also inspiring encounters and in-depth debates, master classes and instructive workshops.