Globe Aroma - AW- Jan24 - -60

In 2023, we began to dream strongly about our future. A future that is heavily centered around space, enabling us to provide a permanent home for Globe Aroma and partner organisations like Terra Nova, The Kitchen, Poetik Riots,…

To turn our dream into reality, we aim to raise €25.000 in donations, directly contributing to the purchase of our building and ensuring a sustainable future with limitless possibilities! All contributions are welcome via this link.

As we dream, we visualize various paths for the future, all centered around the idea of our House of Collective Imagination. In this collaborative exercise, we create reflections on accessibility & hospitality (What’s a door?) and on shared atelier spaces (SHSHSHSHARING), with the aim of expanding our imagination and creating new narratives.

In February 2024, we started with a series of visits to various artistic studios: MAD Incubator (as part of Mad Brussels), Level 5 (Van Overbeke), Studio with a view and ERG. Our aim is to discover how other more or less shared spaces work, and to discuss topics as privacy and community, storage and archiving, the impact of noise on work processes, communication, rules, networking, …

We invite you on Thursday, 14th of March, to join a public workshop day on accessibility and sharing (everybody welcome * free).

  • 10am – 12:30pm _ What’s a door?  Workshop/final creation of the entrance door
  • 12:30pm – 3pm _ Shared lunch
  • 3pm – 5:30pm _ Shshshsharing – Workshop on collective mapping of atelier spaces

REGISTRATION →  or→ Whatsapp : +32 496 10 86 57

LANGUAGE: This event will be in EN, FR, NL. Translation on the spot can be foreseen via online translation apps.