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From October onwards, Espace Fxmme is going to work on the last iteration of the trajectory based around different techniques of textiles design. (Weaving, Batik, Embroidery and more). Aiming to create softer vessels of hospitality for the community of Globe Aroma. 

On January 27th, Rae Sita Pratiwi and Espace Fxmme work on Batik.

Rae Sita Pratiwi, originally from Indonesia, is a creative and social engineer based in Gent. She is passionate about environmental and humanitarian issues. Her artistic practice and research is currently evolving around Batik and textile, using natural dyes and sustainable materials. Batik is an Indonesian traditional craft where one can draw motifs and patterns using wax on cotton fabric. It is a reflection of forgotten times, spaces and identities. Rae uses Batik as a way to not forget her roots and culture. As a foreigner living in Belgium, the question of identity is always something intriguing for her. Personal identity by definition is a concept one develops about themselves over the course of life. Thus may include the aspect of life that one has no control over, such as where they grew up, the language they speak, or the colour of their skin, as well as choices they make in life, such as how to spend time and what one believes. Rae holds thematic artistic, cultural and creative workshops using collaborative approaches and participatory processes. Engaging people in different ways of communication to reach a common ground is always an exciting challenge for her. Storytelling methods, cadaver exquisite, incorporated during the workshop generate ideas through texts and visuals from the participants. Later on, the material created will form the basis for the Batik patterns.


Espace Fxmme platform is not a fixed group of people and it is ALWAYS open to new participants in every step of the way, so do not hesitate to join us if you identify as a woman or a non binary person at any moment.

Please contact, 0489378481 (by phone, telegram or Whatsapp)or pass by Globe Aroma to meet and talk to us.

  • Espace Fxmme – Womxn Space, created shortlybefore the pandemic, is a time-based space that takes place every Thursday at Globe Aroma. It is a platform for female/non-binary artists and creatives to establish a safer space in an environment previously dominated by male presence. This day only fxmme and non-binary artists are allowed to make use of the space. Exceptionally the rehearsal space and media lab can be booked for fxmme and non-binary led groups and collectives.