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We kindly invite you to the Espace Fxmme info day on the 21st of September in Globe Aroma. This event aims to introduce Globe Aroma to women with a newcomer’s background* who might have an interest in artistic & creative practices. 

We would like to invite you to join us on the 21st so that we can get to know each other, participate in creative workshops and share a meal together.

* During Espace Fxmme days we strictly invite only women, in this way we can create a safe and comfortable environment where we host creative women.


10h: Informal & warm welcome with coffee/tea and breakfast snacks, presentation about Globe Aroma & Espace Fxmme
11-12h30h: Dance workshop with Massinda Zinga
12h30-14h: Lunch & exploring the Globe Aroma space
(There will be vegetarian and non-vegetarian options)

14h30-16h30: Painting textiles Workshop with Mirra Markhaeva
16h30- 17h: Tea time
17h: Textile workshop Getting Softer with The Sisters + dinner
20h: The end


  • You can come with a group of women from your center, but women can also come individually. 
  • Women can decide to come the whole day, or – when it’s not possible due to other obligations – only join for the morning, or only in the afternoon, or only at night. We try to be flexible and adapt to everybody’s rhythm.
  • Women can bring their children.
  • Women who are not available Thursday 21st (but interested in Espace Fxmme) are of course welcome one of the next Thursdays. We’ll host them individually and explain how we work. Globe Aroma will be open for women who are interested in pursuing individual artistic projects (such as painting, sewing, jewellery making, cooking…) using material that is provided by Globe Aroma. Those who couldn’t come on Thursday 21st will still be able to do so simply by visiting any other day or by contacting us.

We kindly ask you to confirm your presence ahead of time and to share the approximate number of women who will be attending the event. (We totally understand that this is not so easy to plan, so let us also know if it’s not possible to confirm in advance.) As said before, it’s not mandatory to attend the full day but it would also be appreciated if you could tell us when is a suitable time for you to visit.


Title: Bloom like a flower
Led by: Massinda Zinga
Time: 11am
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

You’re welcome as you are to join the dance workshop by Massinda Zinga.
She will guide you to come back to your authentic self, while making sure to ground & balance energies. Get ready to bloom like a flower! 

Massinda Zinga (she/her) is an artivist who focuses on Afro-Caribbean cultures as well as the founder of the organization MDF- The label. Her field of work is the search of Afrocentric approach of street dance practices, spirituality connected to dance rituals, ancestral retention in caribbean dances & in the body of diasporic people, antiracism education & healing in movement. She created a pan african artivist collective called sisterhood in 2021 where she developed a frame of work that support black, people of color to use black cultures expressions as a way to heal, empower themselves. Since then, she’s traveling the world to continue her artistic research to develop her own tools, archives to support collective healing & empowerment of marginalized communities as well as keeping the legacy of our beloved ancestors alive.

MDF- The label is a black-led organization devoted to sharing the beauty of black cultures, particularly Afro-Caribbean, while advocating for social justice in Europe’s dance & cultural realms. Every initiative we undertake is a testament to the labor & creativity of racialized individuals. The organization was created in 2016 and is based in Brussels.



Title: Stained Alive
Led by: Mirra Markhaëva
Time: 2:30pm
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Visual artist Mirra Markhaëva leads the “Stained Alive” workshop and shares not so common practices that could turn any piece of worn out clothing into beautiful garments through the use of different painting and sewing techniques.

Mirra Markhaeva is a visual artist living in Brussels, originally from the Republic of Buryatia (located in southeast Siberia). She works with illustration, graphic design, mural painting and textile sculptures. Her recent practice is focused on the production of tapestry and rugs.

If you have any garments that you are not ready to give up on and you would like to join us in re-styling them, make sure you get them with you to the workshop!

If you would like to join us on Thursday, please make sure to send your name by email to

All Espace Fxmme activities are free of charge.