Via the artistic workplace, Globe Aroma supports artists by providing them with a space where to work and think. Working in our shared studio means embracing understanding, compromise, communication and collective decision-making.

As part of our House of Collective Imagination, we (the team, the community and the architects) want to engage in a wide-ranging reflection entitled ‘SSSSHARING‘ on our shared spaces to expand our imaginations and create new narratives.

In our first attempt with our “What’s a door” trajectory (2023) via ART FOR ALL project, we developed a methodology based on observations and encounters to stimulate a future.

In February 2024, we launch a series of visits to various artistic studios. Our aim is to discover how other more or less shared spaces work, and to discuss – with the help of concrete examples – topics such as privacy and community, storage and archiving, the impact of noise on work processes, communication, rules, networking,

Our first stop is The MAD Incubator as part of Mad Brussels.

The MAD incubator aims to support creators and designers who wish to address the current challenges facing the fashion and design sector and society in general. It is an essential and important part of MAD Brussels, one of the three pillars of the institution.