Experience the powerful impact of ‘Weathering’, a mesmerizing performance by choreographer Faye Driscoll. Ten performers navigate a constantly shifting tableau vivant on a mobile stage, their voices creating a dynamic soundtrack. Tenderness and violence, sensuality and brute force intermingle in scenes reminiscent of classical iconography. The audience surrounds the performers, immersed in the visceral experience. Driscoll pushes her cast to their limits in this celebration of queer physicality, staged in the impressive Horta Hall. ‘Weathering’ is hailed as an enthralling and adventurous masterpiece by The New York Times. 

About the author: Faye Driscoll is an accomplished performance artist whose work has been showcased in various prestigious venues worldwide, including Wexner Center for the Arts, Walker Art Center, ICA/Boston, and more. She has received numerous awards, including the Bessie award and the Jacob’s Pillow Artist Award. In 2020, her solo exhibition “Come On In” debuted at the Walker Art Center, featuring six unique audio-guided experiences. Her latest piece, “Calving” (2022), premiered at Theater Bremen.

*contains nudity*

Meeting@ Globe Aroma → 20:45