On 15 December Art For All goes to System_D Festival.

The red carpet at KVS will be rolled out for the fifth edition of System_D Film Festival. This film festival for young up-and-coming talent from Brussels takes us on a journey through our capital through the eyes of its inhabitants. The contents are eclectic, with no formal requirements. Prepare for an uncensured festival full of fiction and documentaries.

The SYSTEM_D platform has been in existence for twelve years. Its goal? To give up-and-coming visual talents from Brussels a leg up. The organisation has been coaching young autodidactic filmmakers since 2011 with research, production, and dissemination of their cinematographic projects.

SYSTEM_D mainly aims at decolonisation, visibility and strengthening of stories. It investigates which survival strategies and coping mechanisms we use when we tell something from deep in our underbelly, something that hurts and that can only come from ourselves.

This film festival is the culmination of the SYSTEM_D trajectory. Who can join? Anyone who feels young, did not receive a formal cinematographic education, and has created a film that offers an alternative view of Brussels. A wide field of participants! This way, filmmakers get the chance to show their work and to receive valuable feedback from a professional jury and the audience. The jury hands out three prizes during the festival, and the audience can also cast their vote for the much-desired audience award.

The ultimate chance to meet the filmmakers of today and tomorrow.