On 25 November Art For All goes to Saouta.

An oud, tablas, soprano saxophone, double bass and four voices intertwine and unite. Saouta’s universe, the fruit of an imagination nourished by Celtic, Arabic, Indian and jazz music, is an ode to travel, to the poetry of the moment that is constantly being rebuilt.

Saouta was born of the encounter between Bernard Flament (tablist), a lover of Indian and African cycles, and Damien Brassart (saxophonist), a lover of Celtic and Oriental music. It was through contact with Akram Ben Romane, the Tunisian oud virtuoso, that their journey to the East suddenly took shape. The boundless strings of this oud player were eventually joined by the double bass of Jim Monneau, a talented musician bursting with influences.

From Brussels, at the crossroads of Europe, this jazz spirit reaches out to the East, to the Orient, to forge links, build bridges and create cultures that disarm, celebrate and unite across all borders.