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Pink Screens is ten days of cinema, a hundred or so films from all horizons, an exhibition, discussions, numerous guests and wild parties. In 2023, the festival celebrates the multiplicity of viewpoints, bodies and sexualities.

Their unwavering mission, as essential and necessary as ever, is to be a platform for the expression and discovery of those who delight in upsetting normalized representations and questioning gender.

As part of the festival Pink Screens, Ego Dallas joined the group show ‘The Queer exhibition’ with 12 others artists and a collective.

Curators mixed an (audio) visual explosion into a cocktail on the themes of gender and sexuality. A colorful universe, various techniques and omnipresent queer-engagement …

  • Vernissage: 10/11/2023 – 6pm
  • Expo : 10/11/23 18:00 to 18/11/23
  • Free @ GALERIES: Galerie de la Reine 26 – 1000, Brussel