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The artistic workplace functions in two speeds: the open co-workplace and the dedicated atelier.

Three creation rooms are available for individual artists or collectives selected in blocks of three months:

  1. The atelier is a room where people can work on their visual projects, designs, writing assignments, etc.
  2. Tools needed for audiovisual or new media projects are available in the media lab.
  3. In the rehearsal room, both musicians and performers can get down to business. An abundant amount of musical instruments is available for musicians.

We launch open calls every three months, to which interested artists from the open co-workspace can apply.

At the end of every 3 months they can work towards informal retrospectives and showcases, sharing their work or ideas with the community and relevant partners from the Cosmos of Globe.

Between every 3 months there is a one month break, wherein we evaluate the past 3 months together with the artists (Assemblée Atelier). That month also serves as a breather, something that is often appreciated by the people we work with.

  • Assemblée Atelier

Assemblée Atelier is a moment for collective self-reflection. During these gatherings, we address themes such as social dynamics, transgressive behaviour, new projects… It is also a time for artists to get to know each other, exchange ideas and plan collaborations.

About the artistic workspace

In our ARTISTIC WORKPLACE, artists can work on building their art practice and are supported by the Globe Aroma team and partners at the Cosmos of Globe.