Globe Aroma provides artistic work spaces to artists/creatives from the community with ideal creating conditions. We have an open common first floor space, a rehearsal room, a meeting room and an internet room. On the second floor there are the shared studio spaces for visual, textile and digital artists.

Every Thursday, Globe Aroma will exclusively host Espace Fxmme and female and non-binary artists.


Every 3 months we launch a call for artists from our community and open to all disciplines. It concerns the rehearsal space and the artistic workspace on the first floor where everyone can create in their own space and independently. 

In order to organise the space and give everyone the opportunity to create, we would like you to send us some information. Based on this information, we will be able to define the use of these spaces to interested artists.

Open Call: Januari 2023.

We have just launched our new open call for artists. To organize the space and give everyone a chance to create, we would like you to send us some information via this link.

  • Rehearsal space: As you already know, we are in the midst of remodelling our rehearsal hall. To bridge this “quiet” period, we have decided to turn our meeting room into a temporary rehearsal space. If you would like to come and rehearse acoustically (or with headphones), you can submit your request via the link below. You can also make an appointment with me to do that together at globe aroma, if you prefer.Just keep in mind that there are some limitations.
    The meeting room is much smaller (so dancing is unfortunately not possible) and the room is adjacent to the computer room, kitchen and coworking space:o There can only be acoustic rehearsals (to limit volume), headphones will be provided if you like.

    o Unfortunately, no drums can be set up.

    o Conversely, you may also hear other sounds resulting from activities (cooking, workshops, meetings,…) in those other rooms during your rehearsal time.

    o There will be less time slots available and these may change from week to week depending on the use of the other rooms. It is a bit of an experiment and we hope everyone will be flexible.

The deadline to send this information is Feb. 13, 2023.

You can send information, photos, sounds and videos by filling out the form or by sending an e-mail to atelier@globearoma.be

You can also write your answers on a paper and bring it back to Globe Aroma or send a Whatsapp message to Brecht: 0484 823 484.

From 23/12/2022 to 8/01/2023, Globe Aroma will close but from 9/01/2023 we will be present at Globe Aroma to help you prepare the information requested above. Don’t hesitate to contact us or come!

Agenda overview:
13/2: Last day for registration
15/2: Atelier assemblée
19/2 – 28/2: cleaning week
March 1: start cyclus

  • If you want to have more information or if you are looking for a space to create, contact us!
    Via e-mail: atelier@globearoma.be
    Via sms or Whatsapp: Brecht: 0484 823 484