Quand tu me fuis try out_Sarmini

Remi Sarmini is a Syrian actor, theater director, educator and founder of the theater collective Tajroubeh Troupe. Remi graduated from his theater studies at the Damascus Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in 2014. After finalizing his studies, Remi continued his work in Syria, taking up the director’s position in the Tajroubeh Troupe Collective. The collective created many plays, however the harsh conditions of the war in Syria eventually led Remi to leave the country, seeking a safe and calm environment to work and live. Afterwards, Remi has worked as an educator, an actor and director in Lebanon and Tunisia.

Currently based in Brussels, Remi is working on a research project that explores the relationship we have with our bodies as well as the complexities of romantic and love relationships and the impacts they have on how we perceive ourselves and others. Part of this research phase includes his workshop ‘Fuir et Suivre’, taking place in Globe Aroma between November and December 2023. Starting from January 2024, Remi together with other six actors will start working on a theater piece called ‘Quand tu me fuis’.

Remi Sarmini is among the artists supported by Artists at Risk, a non-profit organization active at the intersection of human rights and the arts.