Born in ZIGUINCHOR (Senegal), AMADOU SALL, aka Ras Jo Taylor, had a passion for world music since childhood. In his youth, he spent time in the artistic milieu of Casamance (Senegal).

This has fueled his passion for singing and percussion. Especially when it comes to showing human beings in all their forms, in their beauty. This has become his motivator in life, despite the hard and difficult times he has known.

The artist attaches a particular importance to the traditional rhythms and sounds of his region. He has founded numerous bands (MASSAGANA SOUND SYSTEM, CASA DI MUNSA, BLACK REBEL, ROOTS STRATEGIQUE).

Rasta often refers to a typical African humanity and wisdom through anecdotes from daily life in his native land. It is hard to remain indifferent to his extraordinary charisma and his visible and contagious fun on stage.

He has lived in Brussels since 1999 and works as an animator at “la maison des enfants”.
He has just released his first album, DOUTO, recorded in the studio “LA PLAYA” with his usual musicians, studio musicians and the singers of the group MIKA. In 2018, the song “boma” was also released on the compilation “Se Lal Bum,” produced by the non-profit organization Globe Aroma.